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Winter Woolies Beanies

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Just recently we had the opportunity to work with Winter Woolies Shop. They are a west coast inspired crochet goods shop. We have partnered with them for the last few years and are even more excited to have experienced their stuff personally! Today some of our team members went out on a hike to test out some of their acrylic soft light weight beanies and they did not disappoint!!

They ended up hiking about 6 miles on this trail with lots of wind and cold temperatures and Winter Woolie's

beanies held up great! They stayed warm the entire time and one thing we as a team loved is that they were still just as soft at the end of the hike as they were when we opened them from the package!

Each beanie is handmade by owner Kristen in Victoria, BC and she does an incredible job with each one. The beanies are very high quality and can also come in so many beautiful colors aside from the 2 we got to try out!

One thing our team also absolutely loves about Winter Woolie Shop is that they use sustainability, cruelty free wools, durable non pill acrylics and the softest materials to make all their goods. We can't wait to take our beanies on more of our hiking adventures and highly recommend them for yours as well! Check out their website and social media to see if their gear is a good fit for you!!!

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