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Fera Pet Organics: Hiking dogs Recommended!

Written by Jenna, owner of @molsonthebeerdog

We recently had another great Southern California meet-up that was sponsored by Fera Pet Organics. We are so grateful for their support and had our leader review their products and share them with the attendees! Here is what they had to say!
Our latest meetup in San Diego, California was sponsored by @Ferapetorganics! We were extremely excited to test out their supplements for dogs and share the supplements we tested with everyone who came to our hike.

We were able to test Fera Hip + Joint chewable supplement and Organic Mushrooms Immune Support. A week prior to our hike, I put the supplements to the test and added them in with Molson’s daily meals. What I give to my dog is SUPER important to me. Right away, I loved Fera Pet Organics' easy feeding instructions. Both supplements were fed twice a day - which worked perfectly for us to include both supplements with Molson’s meals.

What we love about Hip + Joint:

Molson is a 6 year old German Shepherd/Husky/Border Collie mix. Although he is mixed with high-energy breeds, German Shepherds are notorious for joint issues. Molson’s joint health is extremely important to me. We are out hiking at least once a week, so keeping his joints in top shape is my main priority. Feeding him a joint supplement gives me tons of peace of mind that I am supporting his joints as he gets older.

This supplement is an easy-to-feed chewable supplement. I first included it in Molson’s food bowl (he’s picky about new things) and he ate it with his meal but this supplement can be fed to your dog as a treat. This supplement is packed full of amazing ingredients to support your dog's joints! Fera Pet Organics Hip + Joint supplement includes amazing joint health boosters like glucosamine, chondroitin, and Green Lipped Mussel! All their supplements are gluten-free with no artificial dyes or harmful preservatives. We feel confident giving Molson a joint supplement that has been specially formulated by veterinarians!

What we love about Organic Mushrooms Immune Support:

Molson is a notoriously sensitive dog. He suffered from Canine parvovirus at the shelter before I adopted him. Molson luckily survived, but the virus has had lasting effects on his stomach and intestines. Because of Molson’s ongoing stomach issues, we are super excited about introducing an Immune Support supplement into Molson’s diet!

Fera Pet Organics Organic Mushroom Immune Support helps support the immune system, and brain health enhances cardiovascular function, supports gut health and digestion, enhances liver function, and supports normal blood sugar levels. The supplement is a powder, which is easily added to his meals. Fera Pet Organics uses only organic mushrooms to formulate their proprietary blend. Like the Hip + Joint supplement, it is veterinarian formulated and contains no artificial colors, dyes, or preservatives. We feel confident feeding this supplement to Molson and can’t wait to see an improvement in his gut health!
I am so excited to incorporate Hip + Joint supplements and Organic Mushroom Immune Support into Molson’s diet to ensure Molson’s body, joints, and immune system are nourished and strengthened for many dog years to come. Molson’s life and happiness are precious to me, and knowing I’m doing everything I possibly can for my dog just melts the dog-mom anxiety away.

Interested in Fera Pet Organics? Then be sure to check out their website and stay up to date on their Instagram!

Special thanks to @molsonthebeerdog for hosting an epic meet-up, all the attendees who came out to hike and participate, and for reviewing Fera Pet Organics! Be sure to follow along on their incredible adventures!!

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