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Our purpose statement:

We want to inspire others to have hearts for adventure with their dogs all over the world. To be able to build a community right in your own city that focuses around encouraging each other to be active, have fun, and build lasting relationships while getting to hike the wondrous outdoors with your dogs. To soak in those rare quiet moments that are only time spent with a good dog, friends, and the peace and beauty that nature gives!

Our Founder

Hiking Dogs Co. was founded by Hannah Overeem when she was in her final years of University. She is an award-winning professional photographer who travels all over the world and gets to bring her two dogs Rylee, a Pit Bull/Hound Mix, and Lenox, a Rottweiler/Shepherd/Lab mix on her adventures. This inspired her to create Hiking Dogs Co., where a community of dog lovers could come together from all around the world and share their favorite spots with one another and connect with others in their area! 

I loving memory of Lenox, the dog who inspired her to start Hiking Dogs Co. and always enjoy life, hiking, and spending time with those you love.

Favorite Places to visit:

Hannah's favorite places she's visited include Nepal, Alaska, Utah, Arizona, Oregon, Central California, and Tennessee 

Our team is passionate about helping the planet and 

we ship all of our products with eco-friendly and sustainable 

packaging with noissue company! For every order placed,

trees get planted in areas in need of reforestation. Our mailers

are all made with recycled material and can be used to recycle again!!

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