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What we love about Link!

Written by Lauren, owner of @loveknowsnosize
Recently one of our meet-ups in Illinois was sponsored by Link! Our team was so thankful for the kindness and for giving everyone who attended a little goodie for their hike. Lauren got to review some other their products so here is what she had to say!!

A fitness tracking for Fido? (okay fine, Cookie) Sign. Us. Up.

We had the honor of partnering with Link My Pet at our March Hiking Dogs Co. meetup. I was super excited to try the device out on our senior Rat Terrier, Cookie. Cookie is 16 years old, but don’t let the number fool you. She will out hike even the youngest and most spry of dogs.

I knew the Link device would monitor her steps and activity minutes but was pleasantly surprised at all the other functionalities it offers.

What is Link?

Link My Pet is a sleek, wearable for your dog that tracks not only their activity (think steps on your own tracking device), but also their GPS location, exercise goals, and temperature. It can even help with meeting your training goals for your dog.

How does it work?

Link is super simple to use.

1. Download the app, and connect to your smartphone, enter some stats about your dog (and upload a cute photo). The app will give you a recommended amount of activity minutes daily or you can set your own.

2. Next - go on an adventure! Whether we’re walking the Lakefront Trail around Chicago or the dunes of Indiana Dunes National Park, with an easy swipe of my screen I can track all of Cookie’s information.

I can even track her route when I’m stuck at work and she is getting walked by her favorite dog walker.

Why we love Link!

As Cookie has gotten older, her hearing isn’t as sharp as it once was. I installed the device on her harness, whether on leash or off, I love the vibration function which notifies Cookie to check in on the chance she’s missed a verbal cue.

The Link device itself is lightweight. Cookie weighs about 15 lbs and on our almost 4 mile hike, the device on her harness never slowed her down.

The app also offers the chance at keeping Cookie’s medical records easily accessible. And like anything dog-related, the ability to make Link a stylish accessory doesn’t hurt. Personalize your dog’s device with one of their colorful, cute wraps.
For a lot of us, getting outside with our dogs is the best way to disconnect. Link is the perfect product to allow us to do so, while still feeling confident and worry-free about Cookie’s health and safety. In a world that can sometimes feel a little too connected, I’m grateful for technological advances like Link.

Interested in Link? Then be sure to check out their website and stay up to date on their Instagram!

Special thanks to @loveknownosize for hosting an epic meet-up and reviewing Link! Be sure to follow along on her incredible adventures!!

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