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Donuts, Dogs, & Hiking!

Written by Cassidy, owner of @wanderwithwinstonandduke
Recently one of our meet-ups in Alberta was sponsored by Frankie D's Donuts! Our team was so thankful for the kindness and for giving everyone who attended a donut to enjoy on their hike. Cassidy had the pleasure of tasting Frankie D’s donuts before and was so excited to share these delicious treats with our hiking attendees!

On the day of the hike, which was also one of Frankie D’s donut days, we picked up human and doggy donuts in Canmore. We then made our way to Lake Louise where we started our hike for Little Beehive via Lake Agnes trail. I took Duke on this hike and we hiked up to the tea house at Lake Agnes… tea and donuts anyone?

What we love about Frankie D’s Donuts:

Frankie D’s Donuts is a local Canmore business that was created by a doodle named Frankie and her two moms, Makaylah and Fia-Lynn. They set donut days (usually at least two a month) where you can pre-order donuts. If you are lucky, you may even meet Frankie herself when picking up your donuts! Some of our favorite flavors have included the apple fritter, eclipse mocha, Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean, and dark chocolate dip.

On this donut day, we were able to try the specialty flavor wild blueberry basil! The dogs also got a couple of baggies of the beef-glazed donuts and let me tell you.. they had nothing but positive reviews! Not only are these donuts huge (literally bigger than the size of my hand) and delicious, but they also are made without the use of artificial flavors, sugars, or preservatives. I also love that they partner with local artisans to create specialty flavors such as the eclipse mocha!

What did the people at the meet-up have to say?

“Omg they are so big and so good, I’m hooked!” - humans
“100/10” - dogs (they didn’t even savor theirs)

Interested in learning more about Frankie D’s Donuts and their donut days? You can check out their website at and follow them on Instagram @frankiedsdonuts to find out their next donut days. You donut want to miss out!

Special thanks to @wanderwithwinstonandduke for hosting an epic meet-up and checking out Frankie D's Donuts! Be sure to follow along on their incredible adventures!!

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