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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Doog is a company we recently just partnered with to try out some of their gear and see if it would be a good fit for our followers! Doog is based out of Australia and makes fun and easy to use products for simple small adventures with your dogs!

Photo by Hannah Overeem

In this gear review we got to try out their 3 in 1 water bottle and dog bowl, dog collars and leashes, and their dog walkie belt!

The team was impressed with the bottle! It is wrapped in an insulated neoprene sleeve which you can take off and turn it into a dog bowl. With this feature while very cool we encourage you to read the instructions carefully on how to make the bowl using the sleeve and practice a few times before leaving the house as this was something our members found was the only flaw with this bottle. We would also only recommend it if you plan to go on short hikes or a little trip to the lake or beach as the bottle doesn't hold much water. The bottle/bowl comes in blue or red and is reasonably priced as well!

Collars & Leashes!

While on our short hike the team tested out the collars and leashes by Doog. Our 2 dogs got to wear the Pluto & Gromit collars and leashes. All of the collars, leashes and harnesses by Doog are neoprene and have a great soft, easy to clean feel to them. The collars fit true to size for both dogs, one being a size large and the other a medium. They offer sizes xs-L which range from 4-24 inches and can come in a variety of colors and designs.

The leashes are about 4 feet long and that was the only downside our team had to say about them being that they prefer longer leashes.

This is a tool that our team highly recommends getting! This belt is like a fanny pack and comes with 2 sturdy carabiners, 2 large zipper pockets, one designed to hold your phone and the other for treats, a side spot that can dispense poo bags and one extra little pocket. It is adjustable and very easy to use!

Overall we would definitely recommend checking out Doog. They make some great products that would be well suited for those that love small adventures and trips to the beach or lake. Be sure to check out the other gear they have in the link below!

Use the code HIKINGDOGS and you will receive 15% off your order!

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