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Treat Review: Peaks N Paws

Every once in awhile we get asked to review products from different dog and adventure companies. Normally we just ignore them because we get so many offers but every so often some of them catch our eye and we think they are a good fit for our active, hiking followers! Today we are talking about Himalayan chews from Peaks N Paws.

We tried out their large eco pack chews and the large dog chew. Both of these are great for the dogs, however we do recommend getting the eco chews for small dogs, they were too little even for my 55 pound dog to chew and I was afraid she would choke on them. The great thing about them though is that you can microwave them and they puff up like popcorn and are safe for bigger dogs to eat them then. Make sure you let them cool completely before giving them the bits.

The chews are only made with 4 ingredients: Yak and cows milk, lime juice, and salt. Both of my dogs are on a grain free diet and partly fresh cooked food/kibble so these are great snacks and chews to give them that fit into their diets, which can be hard to find at times. These don't have any preservatives, grain, or other ingredients that can cause problems for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

They are great to have handy when going on longer hikes or backpacking if your dog likes to stay busy when resting. With any chew you will always need to supervise your dog and when they get close to the end of the chews microwave and let them cool for a safe puffy chew to finish!

I also absolutely love their packaging. All the chews come in pouches made out of burlap and have strings to tighten it, they can be reused which is eco-friendly and saved me money on needing to buy treat/chew pouches or holders.

The only thing I found with these chews is that sometimes big pieces can chunk off when your dog is chewing them so just watch and make sure to grab any bits they can choke on.

If your interested in getting your dogs some Himalayan chews we recommend Peaks N Paws!

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