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Food Review: Ollie Fresh Dog Food

We had the rad opportunity to review and try out Ollie fresh dog food. This was a project I was very excited to work on because both my dogs have been on a grain free diet and I already saw great improvements, but now was stoked to try fresh food after reading tons of benefits to having your dog on a fresh food diet as opposed to kibble and if you aren't comfortable with feeding raw it's the next best alternative.

who is Ollie?

Ollie is a company that makes freshly cooked, customizable, and home delivered dog food. Their food is tailored to your dog's lifestyle, breed, age, and allergies. This is something that drew me into trying their food. I have 2 highly active dogs because of all the hiking, swimming, and playing they do. We need a balanced diet that can give them energy and keep them looking and feeling healthy.

How it works:

After telling them about my dogs they design a meal plan and recipe that best suited them, from there you get the meals delivered on a regular basis or periodically.

For my adventure dog Rylee, who is an extremely active dog with no allergies I chose the Chicken Goodness Recipe for her.

They have 4 different recipes, Healthy Turkey Feast, Chicken Goodness, Hearty Beef Eats, and Tasty Lamb Fare.

The ingredients in the plan we have are: Chicken, chicken gizzard, carrot, green peas, chicken liver, chia seed, long grain rice, spinach, potato, egg, blueberries sunflower oil, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, fish oil, iodized salt, cod liver oil, zinc gluconate, basil, rosemary, vitamin E, pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), riboflavin (Vitamin B2), just to give you an idea of what's in the food.

How to feed:

Each plan has custom feeding guidelines based off your dog's weight and the specific plan you choose. They send you this amazing container to put the food in along with the scoop to serve it. Rylee went nuts for her food which was pretty surprising because she can get picky when veggies are involved.

What else do you get?

Along with your meals you also get a complete guide to all of Ollie's recipes, clean bowl club certificate, container and scoop to hold the food (my favorite), and daily probiotic supplements to give to your dogs.

I was surprised by how much Rylee loved Ollie's food and I've noticed she has even more energy while out hiking and I love that it is made from human grade natural ingredients and has no fillers, which are normally found in dry food and can cause health problems in the future.

If your interested in giving Ollie a try click the link to get 50% off your first box!!

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