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Brianne & Calia

"My name is Brianne, and Calia is my 5 year old rescue mutt. I’ve always enjoyed spending time outdoors, but when Calia came into my life, she made the outdoors my passion. Calia loves nothing more than spending time on the trails, splashing through water, and conquering mountains. We spend most of our time hiking in North Carolina but have also visited several states for hiking adventures including Virginia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona!"

Favorite thing about hiking with Calia!

 "My favorite thing about hiking with Calia is knowing that we’re both happiest when we’re outside. She’s driven me to step out of my comfort zone and has motivated me to keep finding new places to explore."

Something silly is...

"One of Calia’s silly rituals is rolling on her back and wiggling around after a good hike. She’ll do it in grass, on concrete, in sand, basically anywhere."

Dream hike...

"Our bucket list hiking trip is anywhere in the PNW. The scenery there is so varied and beautiful!"

Hiking Dogs Co is very excited to have calia apart of the team! Use their code "calia" to get 10% off your order! 

Follow their adventures on Instagram Below! 

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