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Jewel, Zuko & Stiles

"Hi! My name is Jewel and I'm a 25 year old lover of adventure. When I'm not exploring with my dogs I'm either working as a physical therapist assistant or reading fantastical books. Stiles is my first rescue dog and is a four year old heeler mix. He came into my life in 2018 right after I graduated college and that's when my love of hiking really took off. He is the ultimate adventure buddy! Zuko is the most recent addition to our family; we rescued him in January of this year from the same rescue as Stiles! Zuko is a boxer/pittie mix and his favorite hobbies include cuddling and annoying Stiles into playing with him. "

Favorite thing about hiking with Zuko & Stiles!

 "My favorite thing about hiking with my boys is getting to see them experience the amazing places we go. There's something about watching your dog take in a view or sniff the air with their eyes closed that makes it a thousand times more meaningful. With them at my side, I'm never alone!"

Something silly is...

"Zuko can't manage to stay awake on car trips for more than five minutes! As soon as the truck starts, he's zonked! And he snores like no other  Stiles is afraid of pumpkins; we can't display them where he has to walk past! I guess maybe my pumpkin carvings are just scary good!"

Dream hike...

 "Our dream hiking trip is to roadtrip through Canada to Alaska and see all of the sights! This is something I have wanted to do ever since I found out that my great grandfather did it when he was young!" 

Hiking Dogs Co is very excited to have Zuko & Stiles apart of the team! Use their code "toowilddogs" to get 10% off your order! 

Follow their adventures on Instagram Below! 

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