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Feed your Dog’s Instincts, with Ryōken Instinct

Written by Lauren, owner of

As avid hikers, sunrise watchers, and always looking for the next training opportunity, dog owners, finding enticing treats you can feel good about feeding your dog can be difficult. Not because there aren’t a ton of options out there, but therein lies the problem. When it comes to treating your pup, you want something you can rely on. A choice backed by science researched methodically and created by a dog owner FOR dog owners.

At the Heart

Ryōken Instinct is a brand with so much heart, from Martha’s passion for optimal canine nutrition to her careful decisions on sourcing proteins, and ingredients to the minimalistic impact it all has on the environment.

Speaking of heart, the Ryōken Pack is a place of community. Much like that found through hosting Hiking Dogs meetups these last 18 months, those dog owners, parents - whatever you call yourself, all uplift one another. There is a built-in support system. Inclusivity is promoted while celebrating individualization.

What’s Outside

Each Ruku bar comes in a resealable, recyclable wrapper. There are four core protein choices, each package has its own color for easy identification - red is beef, orange is pork, purple is lamb and blue is seafood. The ability to reseal each bar extends shelf life and eliminates the need to store your bar in a separate plastic bag.

On each Ruku bar’s wrapper, you will find a full ingredient list and a complete feeding guide based on the weight of your dog. This makes treating your dog, regardless of the frequency, easy to track and balance against their existing diet.

What’s Inside

Okay, finally let’s get to the good (I’m talking really good) stuff!

Tear back the top of the Ruku bar wrapper (which you will soon find many, many of these in your jacket pockets if you’re anything like me, to be recycled when you get off the trail), and reveal your dog’s new favorite treat. Pre-scored so it’s easy to break. Made of clean ingredients, so your hands don’t get greasy or gross, and replenish your dog’s energy.

Why We Love Ryōken Instinct

When selecting and trying treats for the first time for both Cookie and Luna, several factors come into play. In addition to looking for a treat that will complement their raw diets, supporting small businesses (even better to be AAPI x woman-owned), with an emphasis on sustainability, keep in mind our girls are very different.

Cookie is a senior, 17 years young, Rat Terrier. She has lost several teeth, incisors, and molars, over the last few years. She needs a softer treat and one that is sized appropriately for her petite frame. Luna is a 4 year old Newfoundland with a poultry intolerance. Multi-dog households tend to have similar situations, in that their dog’s dietary needs are extremely different, and finding one solution, let’s face it, is rare.

Cookie does well with all protein options, but we gravitate toward beef and seafood in our home. Seafood is the crumbliest of the options but still holds its shape. The aroma is enticing to both girls from the second I tear open the package.

At the Meet Up

Each doggo friend, well their human was gifted a 4 pack of the original proteins to try. While all bars were a hit, here are some honorable, favorites mentions.
Moose has a non-discerning palette, in true Labrador fashion, and loved all 4 bars. While his sister Rubie, who is more selective about the company she keeps, chose Seafood as the winner.

Fellow Newfoundland, Faye, also chose Seafood while her brother, Mo, gravitates more to beef.

Lab sisters, Luna (we call her blonde Luna or Luna 2!) and Nellie love the beef bar.

As you can see, there is (at least) one Ruku bar for everyone!

Interested in Ryōken? Then be sure to check out their website and stay up to date on their Instagram!

Special thanks to for hosting an epic meet-up and reviewing Ryōken and Ryōken for sponsoring this meet-up! Be sure to follow along on their incredible adventures!!

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