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Erika, Doug & Goose

"Hey guys. My names Erika and I am owned by Doug and Goose! We live in beautiful BC and are always exploring. The pups LOVE when we say the word “adventure” because they know we’re about to go into the mountains. We adopted Doug when he was 10 weeks old and he’s a sweet, loving wild child. Goose is our newest addition and was only supposed to be a foster. His tilted head and loving personality made it impossible not to foster fail and we knew he was ours after an hour! They both fiercely love their people and once you’re in their bubble, you’re there for life." 

Favorite thing about hiking with Goose & Doug!

"Without Doug and Goose I would’ve never started hiking and exploring all the wonderful things Mother Nature has to offer! Goose is extremely fear reactive which pushes us farther and farther away from main trails. We also met our best adventure buddies from the dogs and made lifelong friendships. They’re so care free out in the wild and they’re always teaching me to let go of the little things and enjoy the moment." 

Something silly is...

"Goose has a permanent head tilt and we joke he was a bunny in his past life because of the way he hops around. Doug makes his way into bed with us every morning for snuggles and kisses, but really he just wants breakfast."

Dream hike...

"One of the hikes on our bucket list for BC is the Sunshine Coast Trail. We would also love to go explore Utah or Colorado!" 

Hiking Dogs Co is very excited to have Doug & Goose apart of the team! Use their code "douggoose" to get 10% off your order! 

Follow their adventures on Instagram Below! 

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